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Beyond Wealth: Pleasure vs. Happiness

What can be achieved in just 20 minutes?
If you answered, Not much, consider that in just 20 minutes, you could hear ideas that persuade you to change the fundamental paradigm on how you view your money, your wealth and your happiness. Thats precisely what GV Financial Advisors seeks to do in Beyond Wealth: Pleasure vs. Happiness, in Just 20 Minutes.

What is this presentation about?
We are all too aware of the power of money, of all that money can buy. But what about happiness? Have you ever thought of using your wealth to buy greater happiness? Do you, like many people, believe that just not possible? A renowned wealth manager with 25 years of experience helping successful people use their wealth to create the life they desire, David Geller, CEO of GV Financial Advisors, will discuss the confounding relationship between wealth and happiness, share recent research on happiness, and demonstrate how each of us can explore our wealth in new ways.

Who should hear this message?
This conversation addresses a critical but often unmet need of successful individuals and families. While these messages apply to anyone at any stage of life, this presentation is tailored to those who have achieved a level of monetary wealth that is sufficient to support their lifestyle and are now on a quest for greater joy and satisfaction.

What are the benefits?
GV Financial Advisors has presented this conversation to many organizations and at a variety of events. Unlike what you may have heard before, this talk was created to inspire, educate and challenge your underlying notions on happiness. Wealth and happiness are topics that have universal and timeless appeal. By focusing on questions about what matters most in life, you can elevate the conversations of your group to a new level, and you may find it easier to build the momentum you have been seeking for your organization.

For Your Organization
Whether you are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate that a fresh look at fundamental truths can change how we approach our choices in life at your next fundraiser, special event or keynote speech, GV Financial Advisors can customize this talk to fit your particular needs. Whether you seek to generate greater enthusiasm among your group members or help address the need for increasing charitable contributions, call GV Financial Advisors today to learn more about what you can accomplish in Just 20 Minutes.

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