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We help successful families use their wealth to create the life they desire, enhance the lives of the people they care about, and establish a living legacy that represents their passions and values.

Legacy Management

The Aha! Moment

We help your family fully realize that your True Wealth can enable you to live your life in new and empowering ways.

Making a Difference

Confident that you have enough wealth, you can begin to think creatively about how you want to enhance the lives of the people you care about. Our Guided Conversations help you purposefully engage your creativity and imagination.

Establishing a Legacy

Guided Wealth Transformation; helps you sort through your choices, identify your values, minimize the impact of taxes and the negative effects of a sizable inheritance. This process will develop working answers to these and other questions.

The Time is Now

Because many people find joy in helping others, we believe legacy planning starts now, while you are still around to enjoy it. We help you imagine and implement ideas to share your wealth, your values, and your accumulated wisdom now and for generations to come.

Implementing Your Vision

We understand sophisticated financial and estate planning and we work with an extensive network of outstanding professionals. We help assemble a team and hold everyone accountable for bringing your vision to life. We champion your ideas and help implement the strategies you choose, not ones chosen for you.

Progress, Not Perfection

There are no perfect answers and often multiple right ones. With our specially trained advisors as your guide and advocate, you will make insightful leaps and incremental progress. Guided Wealth Transformation® is a process not an event. Our hope is that you continue to learn and grow while we provide you sound advice and ongoing support through life's journey.

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