What You Measure Matters

By David Geller   |   May 12, 2015

What you measure matters - GV Financial Advisors blog

We often measure what's easy to track - our GPA, hours billed, company profits. The challenge: what's easy to measure may not align with what matters most to us. When our life desires and our measuring stick aren't aligned, we pay a steep price for "success."   Read More

The Power of Focus

By David Geller   |   April 28, 2015

GV Financial Advisors Blog Power of Focus

You are among the most powerful people ever born. You have more than enough money. You are smart, educated, and resilient. Being powerful, however, doesn't guarantee you will accomplish anything worthwhile. To build a remarkable life, you must focus on what matters most to you.   Read More

To err is human … and in investing that can be expensive!

By Aradhana Kejriwal   |   April 21, 2015

Emotional investing - behavior gap - emotions, finance

A 2014 Dalbar study finds that the average investor in all U.S. stock funds underperformed the market by 4.66 percentage points over two decades. How is that possible? The human factor helps explain these lower returns. Investors chase returns – jumping in the market after a streak of hot performance and selling out after it drops.   Read More

The Exceptional Experience

By David Geller   |   April 15, 2015


What makes for an exceptional experience? The travel industry proclaims it's the level of luxury: attentive service, fabulous food and luxurious accommodations. Yet luxury, although nice, is not what makes an experience exceptional.   Read More

The Blame Game

By David Geller   |   March 16, 2015


Perfection is a tough standard. Do you expect it from the people you interact with? With yourself? Perhaps a bit of compassion is the answer.   Read More

Is Bondmageddon Coming?

By Aradhana Kejriwal   |   March 15, 2015


After last week’s Fed minutes were released, the media is abuzz with predictions that the Fed will begin taking its massive foot off short-term interest rates perhaps after the FOMC meeting in June. No one knows what will happen next. Will rates rise dramatically or will the bond community respond with a yawn? What investment strategies might give investors the best chance to weather this uncertainty?   Read More

Faith with Open Eyes

By David Geller   |   March 9, 2015


The path toward our dreams is never an easy one. But we can't close our eyes to the challenges and obstacles that lay before us. The struggle makes us stronger, and we're at our best when we pursue our dreams.   Read More