Why? It ignores the human factor — your emotions, decisions, behaviors, and brain. Until now.


Behavioral Wealth Management

A decade in development.
Based in science.
Because you’re human.

Is our model right for you?

“We succeed when we help our clients imagine, create, and live extraordinary lives.”

David Geller, CEO & CO-FOUNDER



When it comes to money and decisions under stress, we humans aren’t always rational. That’s why Behavioral Wealth Management goes far beyond finance to incorporate new expertise in the biology of stress & decisions, the complexities of major life events, and our passion for the human factor. Because a traditional financial plan by itself isn’t enough for this new era.

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Investing Philosophy


When it comes to investing, we’ve built a disciplined approach to the tried-and-true. Yet our underlying philosophies are products of our team’s innovation and passion for the human factor.

We don’t own a panic button

We don’t own a panic button

We don’t own a panic button
We eat “difficult” for breakfast

We eat “difficult” for breakfast

We eat “difficult” for breakfast
Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life

Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life

Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life

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When wealth advisors look and sound the same, how do you choose? A coin flip? Pick your neighbor? Why leave such an important decision to chance? Instead, join us at an upcoming workshop. Hear recent research, discover new insights, and experience GV’s transparency and expertise firsthand.


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Money is important, but it’s just one of many tools our clients can use to create an exceptional life. That’s the mantra that motivates us.

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